50 East Malvern Ave.
Salt Lake City, Ut.  84115
(801) 466-7626   1-888-312-4455

Need someone to service Broadcast Video Equipment?  We can help.
All format Vtrs - Digital Beta, Analog Beta, U-matic, S-VHS, 8mm
Cameras - ENG Docked or Stand alone -
Ikegami, Sony, JVC, Hitachi, Panasonic, or whatever.
Sync Generators, Da's, Switchers, & almost anything with a power cord or battery.
Need someone to design or layout an Edit Bay or Small Studio?
We can help.
We can help you with every aspect of the process from  design to final installation.

  Need help  with the design of a "widget" or some electronic gadget
to help you bring an idea to market?
We can help.
If you need help with analog, digital or mixed signal designs we can help you get a prototype up & running.
We are a small company & enjoy interesting challenges & projects.

 Need someone who can take your pencil sketches & turn them into a
working schematic & then a printed circuit board?
We can help.

Have a piece of equipment that needs to be controlled?
Have a control system that needs upgrading?
We can help.
We understand micro controllers and control systems and
we can design just what you need.
Corporate & individual accounts welcome
Please give us a call & let us get something working for you.
50 E. Malvern Ave.
Salt Lake City, Ut. 84115
(801) 466-7626

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